Interactive Voice Response
Collect account numbers, birthdays, case numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and much more.

Interactive Voice Response

Callers use their “voice” or touch tone entry. IVR can handle more complex day-to-day automated tasks such as collecting account numbers, birthdays, case numbers, addresses, credit card numbers for over-the-phone payments, and much more. IVR frees your staff to handle tasks that need personalized human interaction.

Auto Attendant Greetings

When a customer calls, they are greeted by a voice recording that provides a list of extension prompts.

On-Hold Messages

On-hold callers hear exactly what you want them to hear!

IVR Recordings

Collect account numbers, birthdays, case numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and much more.

Voicemail Recordings

Encourage customers to leave a message and not hang-up.


Create a positive, professional image of your business

Communicating with your customers while on-hold is just good business manners

On-Hold messages can teach, inform, promote and entertain your on-hold customers

Your customers are interested in what you offer because they called your business

Greatly improve customer service and keep customers interested and on-the-line

Increase revenue by providing information about your services and products

Excite customers by telling them about new services and products now available

Reassure callers you realize they’re holding, and you appreciate their business

Eliminate dead silence! Silence is not golden in the business world

Prevent costly litigation for playing the radio or unlicensed music

Greatly reduce caller hang-ups which is lost revenue

You control exactly what your customers hear

You have own Captive Audience


Tell customers about your business specialty!

Tell callers what makes your business unique over your competition!

Announce hours, directions, website or other commonly asked info!

Give information about your services and products to reinforce what you offer!

Get them excited about new products and services -now being offered!

Announce upcoming events, sales, promotions or close-out sales!

Inform callers you’re expanding, moving or opening a new location!

Thank your customers for their patronage and for holding!

Build your brand identity and include a company jiggle or slogan!

Inform callers of important need-to-know info or upcoming changes!

Boast that you’re a leader in your industry and have received honors & awards!

The applications are UNLIMITED!

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