On-Hold Messages & Music

Communicating with your customers while on-hold is good business manners!
On-Hold messages can teach, inform, promote and entertain your customers.

On-Hold Messages
Messages & Music
On-Hold messages can teach, inform, promote and entertain your customers!
On-Hold messages can teach, inform, promote and entertain your customers
Whether your company representative presses the “hold” button, or the call is transferred and waiting in the “hold” queue for the next available representative, your callers will hear exactly what you want them to hear! It’s designed that way. Our scriptwriters know how to showcase and highlight what you do best!


Auto Attendant Greetings & I.V.R

When a customer calls, they are greeted by a voice recording that provides a list of extension prompts.

On-Hold Messages

On-hold callers hear exactly what you want them to hear!


Recordings and voice acting for E-Learning, Apps, & Videos.

Voicemail Recordings

Encourage customers to leave a message and not hang-up.


Script, Voice, & Music

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with all types of businesses, professions, medical facilities, private practices, mom & pop to Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of locations. Whether your customers are greeted by a VoIP auto attendant or spend time on-hold, the sound quality and professional delivery of these recordings will make all the difference in how your customers perceive your business, and whether they have a positive experience with your company. We offer audio packages that’s affordable for any business!

Scriptwriting & Production

On-Hold Messaging is most effective when the recordings are updated on a consistent basis. Businesses that play the same on-hold recording for months or even years are missing out on promoting their business and is at risk of annoying their customers. After you receive your first recording, you will soon realize that you have new ideas. We have several different update packages. The broadcasts and/or music can be updated monthly, every other month, quarterly or seasonally, twice a year or yearly. You may request your next update at any time. You do not have to follow a set schedule.
4-6 minutes is average. This equates to 7-10 mini-paragraph broadcasts. Each broadcast can be different to enhance your customers’ overall knowledge or certain broadcasts can be repeated for greater marketing impact. Inform callers what you offer over your competitors! Tell customers what sets your business apart; whether it’s your products, services or superior customer service. On-Hold Messages can teach, inform, promote and entertain your customers while on-hold.
Automated Attendant Greetings and Voice Prompts are shorter and more concise. We will work with you to create the greetings needed. Click Sample Scripts on this site to get started or call us: 1-800-685-5808.

We do! But some clients prefer to write their own. We are happy to work with you in whatever way is best for you. Our scriptwriters have 30+ years of experience and can write on any subject. Proofreading and advisement is included at no extra charge!

3-5 Business Days. We can expedite upon request.

Music is the icing on your on-hold production, and we are proud to offer one of the largest music library collections in the on-hold industry. We have 1,000’s of licensed & registered background music: Jazz, classical, easy listening, R&B, new age, rock, pop, holiday and more. We cover all ASCAP & BMI license fees at no additional cost. And, if you’re not sure which music to pick; let us choose the perfect background music for your business industry. There is no extra charge for background music for any recordings you may need.  

Our professional voice-over artists have 30+ years’ experience. We provide female, male, and multi-lingual professional talent. Not sure which talent to pick? Let us choose the perfect voice-talent for your project or industry.
YES! Most people don’t realize its illegal; unless a business has signed a Licensing Agreement with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) and the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP). A business is liable to pay fees to both BMI and ASCAP on behalf of the music performers and composers. Don’t do it; unless you have secured these licenses. And, don’t think you won’t get caught, and when you do, you’ll pay a hefty Copyright Infringement Fine.
We want you to be 100% satisfied and we will do whatever we can to make you happy. Since 1992, we’ve been a leader in on-hold industry! Most of our clients are referrals! We offer a 30-Day money back guarantee.
Complete our on-line questionnaire or call 1-800-685-5808. Within 1-2 days, we’ll email a draft script for review. We will continue to script write until we have your approval. Once approved, we begin recording in our digital studios.

Equipment & Compatibility

If so, we will email the on-hold audio file to be uploaded to your system. Simply tells us the best audio format for your system.
If so, we provide a USB Digital On-Hold player to interface with the MOH port. USB Players offer the highest sound quality and reliability in the on-hold industry. They also have “non-volatile memory” which means that, if there is ever a power surge or outage, the player will automatically start playing the messages, when power is restored. A 5-year 100% warranty and easy installation instructions is included. Simply connect the RCA cable (we provide) into the music on-hold jack on your telephone system and the opposite end of the RCA cable into the USB on-hold player. It’s that simple.


First, we assess your needs and create a customized audio program. Some clients need one auto attendant greeting while others need on-hold messages for hundreds of locations. Every business is different. Allow us the opportunity to be your affordable Voice Partner!


Create a positive, professional image of your business

Communicating with your customers while on-hold is just good business manners

On-Hold messages can teach, inform, promote and entertain your on-hold customers

Your customers are interested in what you offer because they called your business

Greatly improve customer service and keep customers interested and on-the-line

Increase revenue by providing information about your services and products

Excite customers by telling them about new services and products now available

Reassure callers you realize they’re holding, and you appreciate their business

Eliminate dead silence! Silence is not golden in the business world

Prevent costly litigation for playing the radio or unlicensed music

Greatly reduce caller hang-ups which is lost revenue

You control exactly what your customers hear

You have own Captive Audience


Tell customers about your business specialty!

Tell callers what makes your business unique over your competition!

Announce hours, directions, website or other commonly asked info!

Give information about your services and products to reinforce what you offer!

Get them excited about new products and services -now being offered!

Announce upcoming events, sales, promotions or close-out sales!

Inform callers you’re expanding, moving or opening a new location!

Thank your customers for their patronage and for holding!

Build your brand identity and include a company jiggle or slogan!

Inform callers of important need-to-know info or upcoming changes!

Boast that you’re a leader in your industry and have received honors & awards!

The applications are UNLIMITED!



The average person spends a staggering 100 hours per year on-hold! 60% of those on hold with silence will hang up after 30 seconds and 30% never call back!


70% of calls are put on-hold for up to 1 minute or longer! Messages on-hold keeps callers on-the-line up to 5 times longer! 30% of callers make a purchase based on an on-hold suggestion!


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